“Broad-spectrum antivirals against whole classes of viruses are urgently needed.”

Mosquito-borne viral infections are a rapidly growing threat to human health. With an estimated 400 million people across 128 countries infected annually, infections like Dengue, Zika, and Yellow Fever are responsible for millions of hospitalizations, hundreds of thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars in economic loss each year, and experts predict they will continue to spread due to increasing urbanization, globalization, and changes in climate that favor mosquito breeding. Despite the seriousness of these threats, there are no approved treatments today.

In response, TSG has committed to realizing a much-needed innovation: broad-spectrum antiviral drugs effective against whole classes of viruses, starting with mosquito-borne viruses and expanding into mononegaviruses (Ebola, Marburg), hepaciviruses (Hepatitis C), and retroviruses (HIV), for which it may contribute to improved treatment options. By engineering our antiviral medicines to not only be effective, but also versatile and robust, we can also respond to emerging viruses, preparing for tomorrow’s viral threats, today.