“Broad-spectrum antivirals against whole classes of viruses are urgently needed.”

Viral infections are a leading cause of human morbidity and mortality worldwide, and a major health concern across medical and biodefense applications. Over 200 different virus species are known to infect humans and cause a wide range of acute and chronic diseases. Vaccines and antiviral chemotherapies are available for only a few viruses, while treatment options against most viruses are limited to mitigating disease symptoms and not stopping the virus per se.

Viral infections affect billions of people worldwide, and the current COVID-19 epidemic highlights the need to be prepared to counter unknown emerging viral threats. Conventional antiviral strategies based on “one-bug, one-drug” approaches are reactive and fail to address these needs. Hence the effective broadly applicable therapies are urgently needed.

In response, TSG has committed to realizing a much-needed innovation: broad-spectrum antiviral drugs effective against diverse spectrum of viruses, for which it may contribute to improved treatment options.