The key innovation of TSG’s antiviral technology is to selectively target the Achilles heel of viruses, the lipid envelope, a coating around the virus that both protects viral particles and contains proteins that enable the particles to attach to and infect host cells. Destroying the lipid envelope eliminates the virus’s threat, as it can no longer replicate and infect the host.

Whereas conventional antiviral strategies target the highly mutable viral genome and provide a narrow- spectrum solution, our strategy destroys the immutable lipid envelope that viruses depend on for survival, potentially providing the first broad-spectrum antiviral solution, one which can be given both to healthy individuals to prevent virus infection (prophylactic) as well to patients to eliminate virus infection (therapeutic).

This cutting-edge strategy has already demonstrated superior advantages over conventional antiviral therapies:
  • Because the lipid envelope is crucial for virus survival, it is shared among many viruses, and cannot mutate to become resistant to drug treatment. Even if a virus mutates, envelope components do not because they are derived from host cells, not the virus.
  • Unlike typical antivirals which are effective only when administered soon after infection, we expect our drug candidates to be effective even when administered several days after infection, based on animal studies.
  • The drugs are compatible with conventional chemical manufacturing methods.
TSG’s antiviral targeting strategy provides a unique countermeasure option to strengthen healthcare and biodefense preparedness worldwide and set a new global standard for antiviral medicine.

Efficacy Comparison of Conventional Antiviral Countermeasures with TSG’s Drug Candidate: Only TSG’s technology combines prophylactic (prevent virus infection) and therapeutic (eliminate virus) treatment capabilities into an effective, broad-spectrum solution.